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"...the gaze of the Church is constantly turned to her Lord, present in the Sacrament of the Altar, in which she discovers the FULL manifestantion of His boundless love." Ecclesia de Eucharistia

Sunday, April 11, 2004

If you haven't read the Holy Father's letter to priests yet, PLEASE do! Many times I hear derogatory comments about priests from kids in school, but that is forgetting the greatness of the vocation itself!! Christine, from Laudem Gloriae, had this wonderful quote from St. Catherine a few weeks ago in reference to the dignity and vocation of the priesthood:

You should love them therefore by reason of the virtue and dignity of the Sacrament, and by reason of that very virtue and dignity you should hate the defects of those who live miserably in sin, but not on that account appoint yourselves their judges, which I forbid, because they are My Christs, and you ought to love and reverence the authority which I have given them...

If (God willing) I do enter cloister it will be my vocation to "be love at the heart of the Church, my Mother" through prayers. Contained in that vocation is the apostolate of praying for priests whose vocation is, as the Pope says, "born of the Eucharist." My brother-in-law asked me a few weeks ago what the point is of entering cloister. He wondered if my life might be more "fruitful" serving God as a wife and mother, or at least as a single person not locked away in some convent! When I first began discerning religious life, I wondered the same thing. I often said "Ok, Lord, if YOU help me I will follow you into religious life...just please not cloister!!" Then St. Therese opened up a whole new world to me. She calls the cloistered vocation "missionary work" and a Sister the mother of many souls. That gave me a lot to think about...I read that about 3 years ago, and I'm still thinking! There is nobody who needs our prayers more than the priests who serve the Church. No priests, no Eucharist, and as St. Pio said, we could do without the sun before we could do without Jesus in the Eucharist. Quite something to think about!


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