Dominus Illuminatio Mea

"...the gaze of the Church is constantly turned to her Lord, present in the Sacrament of the Altar, in which she discovers the FULL manifestantion of His boundless love." Ecclesia de Eucharistia

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Guess who we saw at St. Vincent last night? Yep, two of the Korean Sisters!! I think I'd better explain how my family knows them, because it is quite an interesting story...

First, let me explain that my shy genes do not come from my mother! She is one of the most outgoing people I know. Anyway, about 6 months ago, she took my Ethiopian brother-in-law over to the license center to get his permit. While waiting, she spotted five Korean Sisters in habits and decided to talk with them. So, she went up to them and said the first thing she could think of in Korean (incidently, the only thing she knows how to say in Korean)..."thank you very much!" My brother is adopted from Korea, so my parents know a minimal amount of the language. Lucky for her, the Sisters speak a little English, and my mom invited them home for dinner. They very graciously excepted, and we had a wonderful evening. Needless to say, it was quite a joy to see them again! Their order is not doing very well in the US for a number of reasons, but apparently it is thriving in Korea. That seems to be the way things are going with a lot of orders...they are dieing out here, but getting new life in other countries. There are, of course, exceptions! See my links!

I started reading The World's First Love by Fulton J. Sheen. Before, I was too intimidated by just the name of the author to even pick up one of his books! I guess I assumed they were heavy theology and way over my head, but the book I am reading now is absolutely beautiful! I'll share a little:

"His Mother was not like ours, whom we accepted as something historically fixed, which we could not change; He was born of a Mother whom He chose before He was born. It is the only instance in history where both the Son willed the Mother and the Mother willed the Son. And this is what the Creed means when it says "born of the Virgin Mary". She was called by God as Aaron was, and Our Lord was born not just of her flesh but also by her consent...The new Adam, Christ, comes from the new Eve, Mary, in an ecstasy of prayer and love of God and the fullness of freedom."

Friday, February 06, 2004

It's a misty, moisty day in the Keystone State. Last night was freezing rain, then today it warmed up to 44 degrees, and currently everything is swaddled in a thick fog you could cut through...very out of the ordinary. (I need to find something other than the weather to comment on!)

I'm going off to Festival tonight. Mom has decided to come, and I think my little sister is as well. We're even thinking about bringing along my oldest sister and her baby. That would be a real miracle, since she also is not Catholic. As Sr. Carrie is fond of saying though, "Where there's God's Will, there is a way!" I hope and pray the rest of my family finds the Truth of Catholicism someday.

I received a letter from Mother Dolores of the PCPA Monastery in Ohio, and will be talking with her on the phone sometime in the next few weeks. She gave me some lovely information about the Poor Clare order, their vocation, etc. in the letter she sent. If you'd like to see more about them, there is a link for St. Joseph's under Contemplative Life. I have no idea which way God is leading me at the moment, but that's quite alright! Whatever comes my way will be with Him.

Happy First Friday, by the way! Sacred Heart of Jesus, be our refuge!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Ok. As far as I can see, here's what's going to be happening next week:

Thursday afternoon, mom drives me down to Ohio. I'm going to be meeting up in Stubenville with another girl who will be entering with the TORs this fall. She has very kindly agreed to host me for the night. I'm very excited to be able to meet someone who will be entering religious life so soon.

Friday morning, I'll look around Stubenville and go in search of Mass.

Friday afternoon, my hostess and I will head over to the TOR convent and start on our way to the retreat. Sr. Therese Marie says I am free to ask as many questions as I like about their order and religious life in general. I wonder if she knows what she is in

The rest of the weekend...Youth 2000!!!

Yikes! God is sooo good in the way He is working this all out. People have been so kind in helping me get there too. Amazing!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

[The Eucharist] is the heart of the Church’s life, and also of the consecrated life. How can those who are called, through the profession of the evangelical counsels, to choose Christ as the only meaning of their lives, not desire to establish an ever more profound communion with him by sharing daily in the sacrament which makes him present, in the sacrifice which actualizes the gift of his love on Golgotha, the banquet which nourishes and sustains God’s pilgrim people? By its very nature the Eucharist is at the center of the consecrated life, both for individuals and for communities. It is the daily viaticum and source of the spiritual life for the individual and for the institute. By means of the Eucharist all consecrated persons are called to live Christ’s Paschal Mystery, uniting themselves to him by offering their own lives to the Father through the Holy Spirit. Frequent and prolonged adoration of Christ present in the Eucharist enables us in some way to relive Peter’s experience at the Transfiguration: “It is well that we are here.” In the celebration of the mystery of the Lord’s Body and Blood, the unity and the charity of those who have consecrated their lives to God are strengthened and increased.
~ Pope John Paul II
Vita Consecrata

Monday, February 02, 2004

Well, Our Lord is working everything out, and it looks like I'll be able to be at Youth 2000. Thanks so much to those who are helping me get there!!!!!

Religion class was an experience today, as usual. We discussed the major things one finds in a Catholic Church...we got through to the Tabernacle and I breathed a sigh of relief when my teacher said that it is where the Eucharist is reserved. I would have screamed and ran out of the room if he had said "bread and wine". As the class continued though, we once again listened to him talk about the possibility of female priesthood (gah! How many times does the Pope have to say it can not and will not happen???). Then the discussion moved to making Mass more "entertaining"...good grief! Jesus is TRULY PRESENT!! Mass is "heaven on earth!" There is NOTHING more beautiful, awing, and wonderful than the Truth that is right in front of us at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Do any of you have similar problems or suggestions for what exactly I can do about this? My Priest was pretty mad when I told him about this class. He suggested I ask my parents to write a letter to the school about it. I think my dad is in the process of writing that now.'s so sad that kids have no idea what the Mass is, and Who it is we're receiving....

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Inspired by the folks at, I knotted my very first twine Rosary today. The deal is, with Rosary Army, you knot the Rosaries, then mail them into Greg who will send them on to someone who needs them. It's a wonderful program, and I'm very excited to be able to promote Our Lady's Rosary in some way.

Another one of my favorite Priests was preaching Mass today. I have no idea what his name is. He visits Holy Family periodically and always gives a wonderful homily. He minces no words about the need for reform and conversion in our lives, but also speaks a lot of the great love and mercy of Jesus. Mass was beautiful, and for some reason, Father started Adoration right after so I got to adore Jesus for awhile.

I found this blog very humerous
Here are some excerpts:
You know you're a Catholic nerd when...
-you can rattle off the times for every Sunday and Daily Mass in town
-you know the names and locations of the quickly growing, Vatican friendly, religious orders that are popular among other Catholic nerds. The ones coming to mind now are in LA, NY, Ann Arbor, Nashville, and Peoria.
-your gauge your movie pix based on their ratings: A-I, A-II, A-III, A-IV and O.
-you are driving down the road going crazy because you can't remember the 5th line of the 2nd verse of Tantum Ergo (extra points if check for the words in the breviary that's sitting on the console)
-your VCR is programmed to tape every episode of Fulton Sheen's Life is Worth Living that airs on EWTN.
-you have heard or taken part in a conversation along these lines-
"Do I smell like incense?"
"Yes, you do."

and so on....Enjoy!