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"...the gaze of the Church is constantly turned to her Lord, present in the Sacrament of the Altar, in which she discovers the FULL manifestantion of His boundless love." Ecclesia de Eucharistia

Friday, May 21, 2004

Some thoughts on marriage...

My older sister told me about an interesting experience she had while waiting to pick her husband from work. She was approached by two young ladies (one in her teens) who started up a conversation because my sister had her baby with her. Apparently both of the women had children and wanted to know if my sister's "boyfriend" worked at the factory. She told them no, she was married. Married?? Really? That was quite startling news for them. So the questions continued...they were positively amazed to find out my sister doesn't work, and is a stay-at-home mom. Her husband doesn't earn much, and they are currently below poverty level, but they saved enough to make a considerable downpayment on a house and will have it payed off in 10 years. Has it been easy? Definitely not. Statistics show that the chances of a divorce within the first two years of marriage are at their greatest. In fact, it is rare for two people to hold a marriage together...that is two people with out God holding them together.
My parents celebrated their 26th anniversary on May 6th. I remember my mom telling me a few years back, that they had promised each other never to divorce shortly after their marriage. My family has been through a lot, but Divine Providence has been with us. I admire my parents greatly for their commitment to their marriage vows, while fully realizing with them, that only God's grace is sufficient to help them live their vows day-by-day.

Thursday, May 20, 2004