Dominus Illuminatio Mea

"...the gaze of the Church is constantly turned to her Lord, present in the Sacrament of the Altar, in which she discovers the FULL manifestantion of His boundless love." Ecclesia de Eucharistia

Friday, July 30, 2004

I've been hit by "uninspired writer symptom" over the past month. I have a pile of correspondance I need to answer, and an article to write for onerock sitting in my room. I hereby resolve to stop procrastinating by blogging, so here's a general update for my 1-2 readers!
  • I traveled to Irondale, AL on the 14th and spent a few days with the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word. Honestly, I'm hard put to come up with words for that experience. It was a tremendous blessing, and I'm SO thankful to good God for it. For those of you who know Sr. Carrie (or rosie1185 on onerock), her new name in religion is Sr. Mary Faustina of Our Lady of Mercy! The new novice is absolutely radiant! God be praised for such a beautiful vocation! I'll have to give the trip some more thought, and perhaps write a proper post about it later. It truly was such a GIFT! If you're discerning religious life, please don't hesitate to look into the Sister Servants. E-mail me, and I'll set you up with Sr. Louise Marie's (vocation directress) phone number. She is a beautiful soul, and VERY easy to talk to!
  • Our household has been invaded by various relatives over the past two weeks. My uncle, his wife, and their four kids came last week from Toledo. That was wonderful! I hate to sound old-ladyish, but boy, and I can't get over how fast their kids are growing up! This week, grandma and the aunties came to visit from Chicago. Grandma is doing well, and aging gracefully. It's amazing to see how even though she is aging, she retains the beauty of her youth. Of course all of the relatives were enthusiastic photographers, especially with the new baby here!
  • A friend of mine and I will be traveling up to Carmel in a week or two. I'm not sure exactly how we're going to get there, but Mother says we may come for a week. I'll entrust St. Joseph of Cupertino with the travel plans!
  • Our music group from St. Vincent will be playing at a vocation's fair type thing in Pittsburgh on the 8th. I'm very excited about that since it'll be a wonderful opportunity to promote Eucharistic love among the teens from this area. Plus, we'll get a chance to check out the religious orders in the area!
  • Please keep in your prayers a very dear friend of mine who is stuggling very much. THank you!

Well, that's all for now...